Sports Performance Classes

The Sports Performance program at PSP3 is an individualized, sports specific program catered to improving an athlete’s performance at all levels of competition. Whether you’re just starting out looking for basic overall strength or a high level athlete looking to focus in on a few key weaknesses our coaches at PSP3 will create the right program for you. The Sports Performance program at PSP3 works as a supplement to a high school weights program or can act as the sole program for any athlete at any level. Our coaches have experience working with every athlete, at every level.

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Schedule your free evaluation workout!  This workout will allow our coaches to create to most individualized program to you!

What does your membership include?

Individualized Program

  • Speed/Agility/Deceleration/Acceleration
  • General and Explosive Strength
  • Plyometrics and Rotational Power
  • Flexibility/Injury Prevention
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning
  • Peak Sports Performance


Education on:

  • Proper weight gain/loss
  • Proper nutrient timing (pre/post game)
  • Effective and safe supplementation



All new athletes must go through an initial assessment workout before they may start our program

Unlimited (month to month)

3+ workouts per week

Unlimited (3 month commitment)

3+ workouts per week

Limited (month to month)

2 workouts per week

Limited (3 month commitment)

2 workouts per week

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